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Welcome to the LJ UTAU community!

We are a community dedicated to the free voice synthesizing software known as UTAU. "Just what is UTAU?" Good question! You can click here to learn about it!

On this community, you may post UTAU PVs and song download links, voicebank downloads, art, icons, etc. that are related to UTAU.


- UTAU download
- RipSync download


under construction


1. No flaming. Be kind to your fellow members!

2. No spam. Keep posts relevant to their topics and don't double post.

3. Post a rating for any video, fanart, or heck, even a fanfiction post. There isn't a specific form, but just be sure to name your post appropriately and post a PG-13, R, NSFW, etc. if needed.

4. Please, don't post Vocaloid things here, the exception being duets with UTAUs and Vocaloid characters, fanart that features both Vocaloids and UTAUloids, or fanfictions that include both (apparently Kasane Teto is considered a "Vocaloid" character on FF.net, I believe). Remember, there's another community for Vocaloids, located here!

5. Tag all entries appropriately! Examples include: fanart, PV, song download, voicebank, request...

If you'd like your UTAU's blog or youtube page linked to, PM mystsaphyr!
My utau finally... RELEASE!!!
I've fix the broken sound oTL.
it's V.1.5.0
Not really perfect but... yeah.... fine, I think

Wikia : utau.wikia.com/wiki/Echo_Akashiro

Voicebank DL link : www.mediafire.com/

and her voice...

please make a lot of song with her voice :bows:


For those of you who wonder why I keep poofing:


aaaand a couple of others.

Anyway, I think I'll be looking around for some help to keep this group up and running since I can't manage so many sites so easily ;u;

If you are interested, contact me.

And here's a little bit of semi-late news: Teto has a CD out!

The CD is called "Graduation from a Lie" and unfortunately does not have international shipping options, but I'm working on a solution to that at the moment ;D

Here's the crossfade preview (I got Maki's voicer to reprint it xD)

More coming soon! And please, if you want to help revive this community, let me know!

Zuii - The Robots

It looks like this community's coming back to life, so I guess I'll post this thingy I did a little while ago:

I love Kraftwerk. :D

I've got a handful more UTAUloid songs I've made, but I haven't come up with artwork to go with them all yet, so this is all for now.


Kikyuune Aiko - Lonesome Cat 2

Made Aiko sing this yesterday and figured I'd post it here to start getting the LJ community awake again. I need to make a new icon for this place D:

Anyway, I hope you enjoy~! :3

Staring anew...?

Yeah, dusting off my old LJ community now that I finally figured out my old login stuff.

Anyway, welcome back to UTAUloids on LJ~ I hope to actually put this community to use, even though I'm also admin and moderator for a couple of other communities. UTAU creators always like having other places to publicize their work!

I won't be deleting the old posts, since some of them are nostalgic I'm sure for a few UTAU users who got their start here xD

I'll be working on a layout and new icon for this community when I get the time, which honestly might not be for a while. So any offered help is greatly appreciated.

With all that said, please feel free to post your UTAU works. I'll be working on getting this place a little more in working order over the next couple of weeks.


Vocaloid/UTAU: 14 NSFW
Iku, Miki, Macane, Defoko, Momo, Teto

here @ asmoedeus
O: Why hasn't anyone posted lately? I was waiting so I didn't double post, but I gave up. It's been long enough for it not to count anymore.

Make sure you have annotations on!
He's finally out! I didn't put his official art in the video, so sorry for the ugly mess that is his current art, I lost my scanner. orz

When you download, please ignore the release date. I thought I was going to get it out earlier.
Download link:
Voice Bank Act. 1
Hope you enjoy him!
If you need any help, feel free to message me. Oh, and His voice belongs to me. I would love to see what you do with him, so please inform me if you make something with him!

Ok, So. Thank you to Sango 312 for the "Last Night, Good Night" VSQ!! ...Which come to think of it, had lyrics in it. ^^;; well, whatever, thanks! Here's the original english Luka version. It's great, so check it out!

XD I don't know who made "Supune Niku Nikushoku Kei", but I really should have replaced the lyrics. Whatever, ignore them. ^^;;
If you know who made that, please do tell.

The Rainbow Utauloid Project! http://utaucream.wordpress.com/

Ok, so this is one of Hayao's finished Japanese samples. I drew a fitting image, but the next sample will probably have his official (quite complex, actually) design.
Technically his ACT 0.2, but since it's his first release I'll call it ACT 0.1 xDD Should be up for download soon~
Based on an OC from my hopefully-soon-to-be-published manga, Cream-Punk, he’s 18 and likes anime (preferably goth-loli), strawberries, bitter chocolate, sour things and clothing. He’s a gay boi, and I intend to make his boyfriend/tormentor, Jarred Hananome, sometime soon Today ;D Working on him now.
Sorry if I screwed up the kanji for his name. >_<;
Also, my line of UTAUloids have a WordPress blog now. Its kinda still in progress though. If you want me to link to you, just ask!
Haha, heres the link to The Rainbow Utauloid Project! http://utaucream.wordpress.com/
Seriously, though, it was accidental that they were ALL gay. Like, Jarred and Hayao are obviously gay, but I added three more to the to-do list(One based on myself and two others based on another manga idea), and well... ^^;; It wasn't intentional, mmk?

ARGH The combination of Youtube and Video spinner killed my art ;-; YouTube killed the sound quality too, so here's the MP3 and original image:
MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php...
Image: http://i400.photobucket.com/albums/pp...
Thanks to MrMunou for the UST! And thank you to SquaDas for bringing this beautiful song to us!
Lyrics & Music: SquaDus
Japanese version lyrics: K-Tack
Arrangements: SquaDus & Ikis
Art by: Haloheroine (me)

Sachi Eika

Hi there! This is my first post to the UTAU community, so hi first of all :D

Secondly, I would like to introduce my UTAU - Sachi Eika

She's still kind of a WIP, but basically she's done. She can sing in english and japanese, and her english pronounciation is quite good (well, for UTAU anyway lol)

Enough about that lol, have artz and mewsic c:

Tutorial - UTAU on a Mac!

I bring you my first UTAU tutorial... how to use the software on a Mac computer!

Be sure to watch with annotations on, please.